Local AirPods Price in Pakistan

Local Airpods Price in Pakistan under $4, tap under $2, and over $6

Pudding Technologies, makers of the AirPods earbuds, recently put two models on sale in Pakistan.

Classically-powered Apple AirPods Pro and Classically-powered Apple AirPods are two AirPods with a patented port for storing music. This is the first time in Pakistan that AirPods Pro is available for purchase.

Bundled with each AirPods Pro is a protected, built-in, weather-resistant carrying case. It also allows you to connect to your smartphone and an iPhone.

Local AirPods price ranges in Pakistan

You can also use a wired cable if you prefer. Pricing ranges from Rs 2,299 – 4,499 for normal AirPods, which are not genuine. The genuine AirPods price local price ranges from (10000-15000) pkr. 

The AirPods Pro is in demand worldwide and made the number on AirPods in the Middle East on FranceTv’s Rebel Luxury App. The local price of AirPods Pro price in Pakistan is around (20,000- 25000) pkr.

The standard AirPods aren’t out there, and you won’t find many commercials for them, so maybe they’ll catch on in Pakistan, where Apple’s been slow to come up with a good AirPods design.

Airpods for the young generation of Pakistan

AirPods may be great for the guy who wants a pair of AirPods that’ll play music for hours, even on long hours of airplane rides, but if you’re on public transport and don’t want to disturb your fellow passenger’s tunes, these will have to go. 

In Pakistan, you need two things: a headphone jack and 3BAA when it comes to earbuds.

AirPods Pro AirPods Mini is also available in Pakistan for Rs 2,299 – 4,499. They share the same design as the AirPods Pro earbuds, with a port for storing data and music in the built-in housing.

AirPods Pro and AirPods Mini are being sold across the region thanks to Mohawk House, a massive retail and wholesale store. Find AirPods below: