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Airpods Price in Pakistan


Apple’s AirPods are a pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones. The first generation was published on September 7, 2016, followed by a second version in March 2019. They’re Apple’s budget wireless earbuds, available with the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. They became Apple’s top successful product in just two years. Initially, the AirPods price in Pakistan was very high due to the fluctuation in the dollar price in the global market.

Also, only two generations of apples existed: the early Air-Pods and the later Air-Pods.


On September 7, 2016, Apple unveiled the first-generation Air-Pods accompanying the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series two during an Apple Special Occasion. Apple had intended to introduce the Air-Pods in early November but had to postpone the launch. Apple started collecting Air-Pod orders online on December 13, 2016. On December 20, 2016, they became accessible at Apple Stores, Apple Authorized Distributor, and selected providers.

After the first generation was launched, they were not available in Pakistan. Still, the available AirPods were not genuine, which resulted in a very low AirPods price in Pakistan, which people became accustomed to, as the people in Pakistan were unaware that the AirPods they were using were fake, resulting in various AirPods prices in Pakistan.

Just after the second generation of Air-Pods was launched on March 20, 2019, manufacturing of the previous generation was ceased.

Most importantly, the AirPods price in Pakistan was 26000pkr then the price of

Specifications of this Generation Air-Pods

  • The Apple W1 SoC chip in Air-Pods seeks to optimize the life of the battery. It can be used with Audio connectors with Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity.
  • It is compatible with iOS 10, macOS Sierra, and watchOS 3. These air-pods can also work with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher-capable devices, such as Windows laptops and Android smartphones.
  • Each Air-Pod has two microphones.
  • The Air-Pod is 0.14 oz in weight or (4.0 g)
  • The charging case is available here is 1.34 ounces in weight (38 g)

Second generation 

On March 20, 2019, Apple unveiled the second-generation AirPods. They have the very same appearance as the prior generation, but they do have innovative features. They feature an H1 processor with hands-free “Hey Siri” functionality and Bluetooth 5 connection. Apple also estimates that call length has increased by 50%, and connectivity times have decreased by 50%. In iOS 13.2, users may “Announce Messages with Siri” and narrate text messages to Siri.

If we compare first-generation and second-generation AirPods prices in Pakistan, first-generation AirPods in Pakistan were way cheaper than the second-generation AirPods price in Pakistan. However, they were not genuine, which is the main factor in their low price.


  • Charging without wires, the case may be bought separately and is compatible with Air-Pods from the first version.
  • The Air-Pods charging pad and the Wireless Charging Case were first unveiled in September 2017.

Comparisons Between Air-Buds & Air-Pods

What is Ear-Pod?

Ear-Pods are distinct from the previous earphones that were once linked to them by rubber earbuds. The earpieces that have no rubber earbuds, Apple provided a fresh appearance. It features a novel form and material that allows its users to listen comfortably.

When we purchase a new iPhone or iPad, EarPods arrive in a package. It is a conventional wired earphone with an extra feature controller connected to the cable. This controller can be used to: –

  • Play music or pause it
  • Check out the device volume
  • It can also forward or rewind the tracks quickly
  • Call Collection Phone
  • Out of songs, we don’t like

It features a headphone jack of 3.5 million meters or a flash jack. No charge to function is required for Ear-Pods. We only have to connect them in, and then they’ll be ready for use.

What are Air-Pods?

Apple launched the amazing new Air-Pod invention that has taken over the world of wireless headphones. The Air-Pods are fully wireless and come with a built-in microphone to reduce unwanted background noise. It accompanies by a charging case.

It links through Bluetooth with smartphones. Once linked, it enables Apple Assistance Siri instantaneously by just double-tapping on the top of the AirPods. This has a new H1 chip which can also enable its customers to use their voices to access Siri. It just unlocks it by saying, ‘Hey Siri.’

The battery life of the Air-Pod is excellent and can last 5 hours continuously. Listening time is increased up to 24 hours in the charging case.

Table for the difference


  1. Air-Pods are Apple’s wireless headphones that come with a charging case that functions as a power adapter and offers 24 hours of music listening time.
  2. To connect to a gadget, it must have Bluetooth functionality.
  3. AirPods are more expensive than EarPods.
  4. The AirPods must be charged. These are just needed to be placed inside the case to charge. It might persist for 5 to 6 hours.


  1. Ear-Pods are wired earbuds with a controller and mic module on the cable that regulates volume, playback, and pause of audio, as well as answering and rejecting phone calls.
  2. A 3.5-millimeter audio input or a lightning jack are required to connect to a cellphone.
  3. In comparison to Air-Pods, Ear-Pods are much less expensive.
  4. Because earbuds are directly attached to the phone, they do not demand charges.
  5. Ear-Pods are mostly distinguished by their cabled earphones, whereas the Air-Pods are Wireless earphones. Individuals with issues and annoyed when having Ear Pods connected in their ears might take advantage of Apple’s new wireless Air-Pods. No electricity is needed to function Ear-Pods as it connects directly to the smartphone, and air-pods need to be charged before using.

Technical Specifications 

The entire electronics and wiring for the sound drivers and Bluetooth signaling are entirely within the Air-Pod’s headpiece. The stem is where the battery is kept. The power and circuit boards are linked by a flexible wire that is extremely fragile due to its size.


All Bluetooth 4.0 gadget, both Android and Windows smartphones, accepts Air-Pods. Even though only App-Les devices with iCloud are accessible with capabilities such as seamless changing among gadgets.

Apple Watch devices with watch-OS 3 or later, and mac-OS Sierra devices with or after iPhone, I-pads, I-pod, and tablet are completely compatible with the original version Air-Pods.

The Air-Pods are entirely compatible with iOS 12.2 or later, Mojave 10.14.4 or later, or watch-OS 5.2 or later.

AirPods Distinguishing Characteristics

When a product is first introduced to the market, its characteristics and attributes are first described. Air-Pods are in the same boat. This is a device that every professional should carry in their pocket. Any product’s vast features are the narrative behind its popularity. These are the unique features you will observe in the air-pods,

  • No cables 
  • Secure wear 
  • 5-hour battery health 
  • Twenty-four-hour maximum battery with Power Adapter (charging case).
  • 15-minute charge time from case lasts up to 3 hours
  • One-touch configuration for Apple products.
  • Easier swapping among I-phone and Mac.
  • Immediate connection to iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch.
  • When you need to charge, you’ll get notifications if you are using I-phone.
  • Music is paused when an Air-Pod is removed. 
  • Only one Air-Pod may be utilized for calls or audio.
  • Dual click for switching songs or any audio.
  • With calls and Siri, there’s a mic.

Battery & Charging Case

The Air-Pods immediately begin charging when they are placed in the wireless charging case, as well as an LED light illuminates to indicate that they are charging. On a single charge, the battery provides five hours of playing and 3 hours of talk time.

The user only needs to place the Air-Pods near to the iPhone to see the battery %.

Apple has created an absolute revolutionary experience with this device, offering a listening sensation unlike any other.

Sensors Of Air-Pods

Air-Pods have a movement accelerometer and twin optical sensing application, which allow for tapping gestures and ear identification. Air-Pods can detect when they’re in and out of the ear, so when you place air-pods in your ear, your music starts playing. When you take one out, the music stops.

Quality of AirPods

They feature a long battery life, decent sound, a great connection, and an excellent mic. Most of all, it doesn’t matter if you’re using Android or apple; the functions are mostly the same. Furthermore, the active variant is designed for use in the gym and features a sweat-proof design that ordinary Air-Pods lack.

Connectivity With Other Devices 

Air-pods can be connected to any device or gadget which has a 4.0 Bluetooth version. These steps should be followed to connect your AirPods to any device or mobile phone.

Airpods prices in Pakistan were cheap since they were counterfeit, and users had many connection problems due to their lack of real AirPods. To enjoy all of the advantages of Apple AirPods, you must own the originals.

For IOS Devices 

1. Be on the main menu.

2. Open the charging case and place it near your iPhone while having the air-pods inside the charging case. A configuration animation appears on your iPhone.

3. Connect by pressing the Connect button.

For Android Devices 

1. Open the main menu.

2. Go to settings.

3. Turn on the Bluetooth.

4. Search for the devices available.

5. Tab on the air-pods name appearing on the list.

6. You’re ready to listen to your favorite music when that it’s linked.


This is the essential characteristic of AirPods. Because the wires tend to tangle, wired hands-free is hard to keep in place. As a result, the wireless AirPods are quite useful and will be utilized without difficulty.

Noise cancelation

Background noise is unpleasant while listening to music or talking. As a result, these AirPods address this issue and provide us with relief by neutralizing the influence of noise.

When wearing both Air-Pods, tap and push the force sensor on any Air-Pod to change among Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode. In Settings, you may choose which modes to use (Active Noise-canceling, Transparency mode, and off).

Then, to switch between Active Noise Cancelling, Transparency mode, and off, press and hold the force sensor.

Due to these pro capabilities, AirPods are very costly, and those who do not own real AirPods will be unable to use these incredible pro features. Due to the scarcity of real AirPods in Pakistan, many individuals brought in clone AirPods that lacked additional characteristics, including active noise canceling.

Are these AirPods in Pakistan Wet and Sweat Resistant?

If you brought genuine AirPods pro in Pakistan, the Airpods pro is somehow water and sweat resistant, and the typical air-pods are not resistant to water and sweat.

The original Air-Pods aren’t water-resistant. However, the Air-Pods Pro features an IPX4 water-resistance rating. Sadly, this is a poor grade, implying that Apple only designed the Air-Pods Pro to resist little water sprays, such as rainfall or sweat.

Working of Airpods

The pair of Air-Pods has a symbol that indicates whether they should be put in the left or right ear. They do not have a power switch to turn them on. Because of the sensing ability, they start automatically as soon as they are placed in the ears. By double-tapping the earpiece, you may accept or reject calls.

Prepare to be astounded by the incredible sound.

Air-Pods provide a completely appropriate sound that is excellent in the mid-tones and suitable for audio but lacks power in the bottom end. 

Background Sound isolation is also good due to its open architecture. Traffic and people will not be audible because there is no noise reduction.

According to some experts, wired and wireless headphones have different audio qualities.

However, consumer perceptions have no audible disparities between the two since coils cause the difference, circuitry, and magnetic, not the wire.

The AirPods in Pakistan has a certain quality of sound. Still, since most people have counterfeits, they are more likely to lack this quality of sound, which is why the Pakistani people have problems with AirPods.

It’s easy to link these AirPods to other devices.

To connect to other devices, all you have to do is hold the air-pods next to the device you want to connect to and open the cap of the charging case with the earpiece in it; if it’s an apple device, it’ll detect it automatically; if it’s an android device, you’ll have to connect it via Bluetooth manually.

Is it possible to have artificial intelligence in your ear?

Yes, since Siri is activated on these air-pods, you may use this artificial intelligence tool to accomplish various activities.

Siri is one of the finest features of Air-Pods. It’s the coolest feature of Air-Pods. With a simple tap on the Air-Pods, Siri is summoned to accomplish several activities. Don’t use your phone; just ask Siri to do it for you.

We can use artificial intelligence to do the following functions:

1. to answer the phone

2. control volume (with voice commands)

3. pause and play the music 

4. change the song 

Battery life of five hours + recharging case

It offers 5 hours of battery life on a single charge, which isn’t terrible because compromise is a part of our existence. Another plus is that it comes with a charging case, making it simple to recharge your Air-Pods.

 Airpods Price in Pakistan & the Features Above 

All of the functions listed above are available with the original AirPods; however, if you bring any non-genuine AirPods, you will be unable to access some of the capabilities listed above.

The first generation AirPods became available in Pakistan after nearly eight months, and the AirPods price in Pakistan was nearly 25,000pkr. Still, some fake AirPods were extremely cheap compared to the original price, and thus the majority of people purchased the cheap AirPods that were not original.

You need to purchase the original AirPods to get all the possible features only when you buy AirPods in Pakistan from only the authorized sellers, apple store, and online from amazon. If you buy from the sources listed before, this results in AirPods price in Pakistan to becomes very high.

Being a worldwide brand, Apple does not compromise on quality, which is why their prices are so high. If you have the money to get apple AirPods in Pakistan, you may do it online or through a certified vendor or apple shop. This is the only way to make use of the incredible features described before.

Pros and cons of air-pods(must check )

I’ll start with the positive aspects of the Apple Airpods, which are stunning. I’d want to talk about how I’ve never had a case that is as lovely to open as this one. I’d like to talk about how nicely and fluidly they work with the iPhone. However, because they are headphones, I must first discuss the audio quality.


Same audio quality as headphones The audio sound quality is incredible. Music is one of my favorite pastimes. I like to listen to music a lot. Classical music is what I listen to. I like to listen to 80s rock music. I like to listen to contemporary music. 

So, with all of that expertise and expectations of a high-quality Apple product, I can confidently declare that the Apple Air-pods sound stunning.


If you’re searching for a “wow” factor, the Air-Pods will not disappoint you. They have a lovely appearance and feel to them. 

There is just enough resistance to keep it shut, but once it begins to open, it does so fairly smoothly, thanks to a little spring that helps offset the lid’s weight.


Amazing. Wearing headphones irritates me greatly. Because the Air-pods are so comfy, I’d wear them all day. Because of my sensitive nature, my ears and my head are particularly wise and discerning. Earphones that go over the ears and in-ear headphones give me headaches and migraines, respectively.

When you are jogging, the cord from conventional headphones irritates you. These items somehow fit my ear wonderfully, but they also suit. They don’t feel right, but neither do they feel uneasy when you shake your head or run. In terms of form and weight, they’re a fantastic design.

4)Connectivity and user-friendliness.

Even though I’m unsure of how everything worked, it was really basic and clear.

When I opened the cover, my iPhone recognized the earphones and presented me with this screen.

5)Battery timing

People like technological aspects with proper battery timing. People can have pleasure for five hours with no interference if they keep them fully charged. As a result, Apple has also given this convenience.

Air-pods may now be found at nearly every store in Pakistan. They are gaining popularity due to their simplicity and excellent results.


  1. It’s impossible to operate with just one hand.

It doesn’t take long after you start using the Air-pods to realize that you can’t pull them out of the case using only one hand. And there are many occasions when you have one hand to grab them out of the case. 

For example, let’s say you’re on an iPhone call and want to put the Air-pods in your ears when you’re on the phone. It’s very difficult to pull one of the Apple Air-pods out from the case and then into your ear if you lift them by one hand.

2)control via Siri is a little hard 

The Air-pods have no controls, making it difficult to alter the volume or pause a song. If you already have your iPhone accessible, you can manage iTunes directly from the device. Still, if your iPhone is in your pocket or backpack, the Air-pods are completely worthless for controlling iTunes using Siri.

3)Microphone sound quality is poor.

Whereas the sound quality is excellent for hearing, the quality of sound of the microphone for recordings is only perfectly adequate. It’s not even close to the sound system of the microphone on Apple’s wired headphones, and it’s a lot worst than iPhone’s built-in mic. For a phone call, that could be fine, but that’s about it. You wouldn’t use them to shoot an interview with them.

4)Lost easily 

Because AirPods are tiny and wireless, they are ideal for travel. Keeping the air-pods safe at all times will be a difficult challenge. If one of the two pods is gone, people found useless to use one of the air-pods.


Because they do not cut corners when it comes to quality, Apple goods are all extremely pricey. As a result, they charge more than the other companies. Other brands, on the other hand, may have sacrificed some features to save money.

Price and Availability in Pakistan

This product has been released in Pakistan and can be found in all Apple official stores and franchisees.

The product has a rather expensive price, but knowing the brand and reputation and strong demand, it is well worth it.

Furthermore, you can also shop them from amazon as Pakistan is now registered on Amazon,


Air-Pods, a new technology, have the potential to revolutionize the industry. I will encourage using or having Air-Pods because they have several advantages and improve people’s lives daily. Apple is a brand that has respect and a good name in people’s minds, and it will always be remembered for its great line of goods and its longevity.

This brand is well-liked by the public. Anyone who uses Apple products is passionate about not switching to another brand. It’s because Apple has never shied away from delivering high-quality goods and services.

This product is well-known among teenagers, who enjoy making movies and listening to music these days. As a result, people are always praising it. The characteristics listed above are very outstanding.

Furthermore, with these sorts of electronic gadgets, “the world is changing day by day.” The positive response to the product has been overwhelming. Apple is recognized for delivering innovation, productivity, convenience, and quality with all of its goods, and this device will be no exception.

Mostly in Pakistan, the price of AirPods depends upon the price of a dollar in Pakistan, which has never been constant. It remains to change, thus resulting in the continuously changing AirPods price in Pakistan.