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Your Privacy is Critically Important to Us… 

WE Most Welcome You at HunzaBazar.com Dear User Your Privacy Policy and Data Security is our main concern, and we intend to keep your Personal Information safe and fully secure. To Know more info about how the website collects, uses, and discloses your personal information (under Certain Circumstances), Please read this Privacy Policy…

The Privacy Policy of this Site also explains the measures we employ to protect your data and personal information that you provide us. In addition to that, this Privacy Policy also details the options regarding collection, analysis, utilization, and disclosure of your personal information. If you access this Site, you consent to our Privacy Policy and to our right to amend, alter, update, add or erase parts of this Privacy Policy if desired. You are advised to check our Privacy Policy regularly for any updates, changes, modifications, additions, or portion removals. From the moment it is posted on the site, the modifications will be deemed effective. If you continue to use the website after modifications, it will constitute your acceptance of the changes.

We assign great significance to your privacy and data security. Therefore, your personal data (which you provide) are only used by the Platform as defined in this Data Protection Policy. We ask only you to provide us with the information required for you to make the best shopping experience online and not gather any information that is meaningless.

The Platform can only retain your personal information for the reasons for which it was obtained in the first place or as long as the legislation allows it.

However, when visiting this Web, you do not have to include your personal information. When visiting the web, you will remain anonymous and we cannot recognize you if you do not log into your account.

 Data That We Collect:

We can collect different data, including your name, physical location, email address, home / mobile telephones, chosen payment mode and financial / payment details when placing an order on the Website without restriction.

In order to process your order (buy) on the website and any potential reclamations later, we receive, manage and process your details and give you our services.

The information you submit will be used to process your order(s) and, on your request, provide you with information and services. In addition, your personal data will be used for checking your account and payment records as well as financial transfers associated with payment processing.

The data collected can also be used to classify tourists, their surfing patterns, and to customize/adjust the Site to its particular needs.

We can include information on the latest promotions and deals that may be useful to you on occasion. In addition, at your request, we can also give you some details. However, by clicking on the unsubscribe connection included in the newsletters, you can still refuse to receive promotional offering and marketing material.

Please notice that the product(s) that you have ordered will also be shipped to third parties (suppliers or messaging services), with your name, address, telephone number, and other relevant information. It is critical, however, that you provide us with accurate personal information and that you email us with improvements to the information given.

We will store the exact specifics of your order(s), but for security purposes, we cannot find them explicitly. However, by logging into your account on the Web, you can download / access that information. You will display the order(s), contact information, financial information, and the status of the order(s), i.e. whether the order is done or ready to be delivered, along with other data when you are logging in on your account. You take responsibility for the sensitive care of your personal data (including your password and your user name) and are also asked not to share this information with any other party unless allowed by law. The Platform shall take responsibility only if it is our fault for infringements or exploitation of your account.

Other Uses Of Your Personal Information:

The Site can be used for market analysis and opinion polling using your personal data. But during those operations, you will stay totally anonymous because we need it for statistical purposes only. Whenever you choose, you can still opt out of those events. In addition, we do not exchange the results with third parties in opinion polls and surveys and store the answers separately. If you participate in a competition, however, it is crucial to reveal your email address.

In order to send you information about our newsletters, products, mailings, our partners, our other websites, and other information relating to your interests, we may also use your personal information. However, by clicking on the “unsubscribe” connection you can decide not to receive such material. In 7 business days after receipt of your instruction, we can no longer give you promotional messages. However, if we feel that the directions you have provided are vague, we can contact you for clarification.

In order to improve the shopping experience, we can also anonymize your data for different purposes, including the location and analysis of your activities on the Site. At times, we will provide publishers with your chosen content, without exposing your name.


If the Platform includes some competition, the gathered data can be used to remind winners and to publicize our deals. In terms of their competition, further information on the competition (if needed) shall be available.

Third Parties And Links:

The Platform will provide affiliates, associates, retailers, manufacturers, and other businesses within our community with your personal information. You will also be transmitted to agents and suppliers to support us with the use of your information, which is outlined in the Privacy Policy. For e.g, at your doorstep, we can pass your information to the third-party responsible for distributing goods.

The Site can also provide third parties with your details for a number of reasons, including credit risk mitigation and fraud prevention. If we totally or partially sell our company, we will need to move all of your information into our database.

We explain the way we gather, use, and divulge your data in the Privacy Policy, but do not use your information for any other purpose, other than as defined by the Privacy Policy. In addition, we will under no conditions, unless demanded by statute as specified in the Privacy Policy, offer your Personal Information to any third party without your prior consent.

This Site also has access to other pages or advertising that will direct you to other sites. Please notice that the Website is not responsible for the data retention policies of those external websites. Furthermore, even though we have given your information according to the privacy policy, the Site will not be responsible for the manner in which third parties treat your personal information.


You shall not recognize the specifications of cookies for the operation of this platform. However, if cookies are allowed on your computer, you can use all the functions and features of the site. Please remember that if you chose not to allow cookies, you will not have the ‘basket’ option and you will not be able to order items on the Web. Cookies are text files saved on your laptop in the Internet browser to help us recognize your machine and websites. Cookies can also be used to recognize your IP address, which saves the time that you need and lets us provide your goods and offers. The Website uses cookies to make it easier for us to keep track of yourself and the sites you have viewed last time.

For non-commercial purposes, we do not use cookies or get your information. In your browser, you can delete cookies, but your use of the Web is limited. Please notice, for personal or private information we do not use cookies, and the cookies we use do not contain viruses and malicious programs.

This Website uses Google Analytics, a Google Inc. (“Google”) Web Analytics tool. The use of cookies by Google Analytics helps us to understand how you use the Web. To gather details, Google Analytics uses cookies, including but not limited to your IP address that is redirected to the US Google servers. Google Analytics uses data collected to evaluate your use of the Site. In addition, cookies generated information can also be used to compile data on the website operations.

However, the browser settings will easily delete cookies, which can limit your access to the Web. You acknowledge that by accessing this Platform, your data is processed in the manner set out in this section through Google.


In order to protect your records, the Platform employs suitable and current safety and technological steps. In order to deter illegal or unwanted information from being obtained and to prevent the incidental loss, harm, or degradation of your information, our protection policies are established. The data we receive from you is held with strict firewall policies on our secure servers. Our stringent security policies, however, ensure that, before accessing your personal details, you often have to provide proof of your identity.

Please notice that your device(s) and the protection of your username, password, and other account data are your sole responsibility.

Your Rights:

You reserve the right for us to access your personal details and still have access. The platform can even be requested free of charge to correct any errors in your records. In addition, you reserve the right to suggest that we avoid using your personal details for targeted marketing purposes.

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