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Zamurd Stone Price in Pakistan

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Zamurd Stone in Pakistan

  • Origin: Hunza Gilgit
  • Stone: Emerald
  • Composition: Natural Gemstone
  • Color: Green
  • Weight: 4.8 ct
  • Shape: Oval Cut
  • Heated: Non
  • Treatment: None
  • Premium Quality.
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Zamurd Stone in Pakistan

Zamurd Stone in Pakistan. Buy Online 100% Original Lab Certified (Zamrud) Zamurd Stone in Pakistan at Cheap Price. Zamrud Stone……

The magnificent and elegant gemstone is the Emerald Zamurd Stone Price in Pakistan and it is among the top three colored stones in the world. Sapphires and Rubies are both included in the list of the top three colored gemstones.

This Gemstone is a beryl derivative, and beryl is a mineral that combines aluminum and beryllium together.

It gives the stone in the world a bluish-green shade and one should not only wear this for astrological advantages, but also for the sake of fashion design.

Top 4 Benefits of wearing a Zamurd Stone in Pakistan

  1. This stone specifically impacts students’ gripping ability and allows them to do well in tests. If your kid is bad and studying or has the issue of concentrating on study or all his attempts fail and he doesn’t get the desired outcome, so zamurd Gemstone can be a magical gemstone for them.
  2. Emerald Zamurd stone, according to astrology, defends a human from his enemy and negatives. , You should wear them in the shape of a bracelet, a ring, and a watch. This means that your bad guys will never hurt you.
  3. Actually, (emerald) zamurd Gemstone also has positive powers of healing. If a human has allergies, respiratory conditions, skin issues, and memory problems, the Emerald Zamurd Gemstone should be worn. It is recognized as a fantastic Gemstone for the child who suffers from trouble with learning disabilities.
  4. Zamurd Stone is called is communication. This zamurd gemstone helped the wearer articulate his viewpoints and concepts in a good manner. To achieve achievement in life, presidents, motivational speakers, executives, and supervisors, etc. will wear this zamurd Gemstone.

Emerald Zamurd Stone Origin

  • Zamurd Stone has its norm in terms of the precious Gemstone, we also have an emerald stone specimen that is also attached to the parent rock in rugged shape, Hunza Gilgit is the root of the emerald zamurd and also has a range of Chinese, Skardu shigar valley & Peshawar.

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  • We have (Emerald) Zamurd stone Price in Pakistan, both in processed and untreated natural types, in various sizes and shapes and styles, often available in pre-made men rings, women rings, or earrings, or full jewelry sets.

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