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Dried Apricot (Khubani) HB-55

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  • Origin: Hunza
  • Dried Apricot (Khubani)
  • Weight: 1 kg
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What is Hunza Dry Apricot (Hunza Khubani)

 A complete food, it can be the Dried apricot (khubani). Lightly sweet although not candylike, packed with minerals and fiber, and the ideal accompaniment to something with carbohydrates to complete a bite, the dried apricot is located on the peak of the list in regards to foods you need to increase your diet plan.

Alas, fresh Apricots (khubani) are beautiful. They injure quickly, and Fresh apricots will not survive full of day. You are only going to end up with apricot (khubani) mush all on your important papers.

Fortunately, the many upsides to dry apricots (khubani) are an easier way to enjoy. If you are interested to buy Online Hunza dried apricots you get the same nutritional advantages that you like with fresh ones.

 Hunza Dry Apricots (khubani) are world-renowned. This is a precious variety that grows wild in the Hunza Gilgit Baltistan, northwest Pakistan. Apricots (khubani) are deliciously sweet and tasteful on the tree and dry well. Also valued for its Kernels, Hunza Valley is eaten and reported to be very healthy.


Here’s a look at why we’re using Hunza Dried apricots (khubani) and they’re a perfect addition to a balanced lifestyle.

Dried Apricots (khubani) Are Rich In Fiber:

If you serving Hunza Dry Apricot you get 4gram of fiber and 16percent of recommended daily dose.

 Layer them with salad, scatter with citrus seeds, and take care of one-quarter of your daily needs.

Fiber is a vital component of any healthy diet. It ensures regular operation of your digestive tract, cleaning up the impurities in your body.

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Dried Apricot (khubani) Are Less in Calories:

If you normally visit the vending machine to get a snack on the job, eating a couple of dried apricots (khubani) would be safer. Only one serving of the Hunza Dry apricots (khubani) contains 120 calories, about half the amount in your average potato chip bag or candy bar. We contain so much fiber and nutrients while low in carbohydrates that you won’t feel hungry again for hours.

Dried Apricot (khubani) Are Full of Nutrients:

Hunza Dried Apricots (khubani) have calcium that enhances your bones and preserves the function of your nerves.

Hunza Dried Apricots (Khubani) contains calcium, which strengthens the bones and maintains nerve function.

They also consist of magnesium. Do you suffer from stress? Magnesium has calming qualities that could help anyone who feels stressed or anxious. In addition, it can aid with muscular aches and cramps, along with providing relief for sleeplessness. If you’re facing trouble in the morning, you should take some Hunza Dry apricots. Hunza Apricots also provide energy to start your morning.  The dried apricots (khubani) are also full of vitamin A with their deep orange or brownish colour, based on what variety you buy. There are several important benefits to this vital building block, such as:

  • Favors growing cells
  • Is building up the immune system
  • Takes a strong view
  • Keep your bones wholesome
  • The contribution to reproduction

1.  Dried Apricot (khubani) Helpful for Blood clotting:

 Dried Apricots (khubani) have Vitamin K that is useful for blood clotting. This vitamin aids in stopping excessive bleeding. Multi supplements are widely available. However, nutrition experts still support the usage of 100percent organic sources of vitamin K. Eating Hunza dried apricots (khubani) at least once a day will help stock up this vitamin in the body.

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2. Building muscles:

The potassium comprised of dried apricots (khubani) helps in improving metabolism, in addition to the function of organs and cells. This is vital for normal body growth and muscle building, besides regulating their levels of acidity in the human body. It is also useful when proteins are synthesized.

3. Dried Apricot (khubani) control High blood pressure:

Dried apricots (khubani) with a lot of Potassium which is three times greater than the amount in bananas. Khubani contains only a trace of salt that helps to keep the blood pressure down. Additionally, it protects your system against heart ailments

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4. Skin glow enhancement:

The Oil of Dried apricots (khubani) are very useful for skin care.  Hunza Dried Apricots (khubani) help to make the skin smooth fresh and glowing. It can be a good remedy for sore ears, as well.

5. Hunza Dry Apricots helps Respiratory health improvement:

Consuming some pieces of Hunza Dry Apricot (Khubani) may already have beneficial effects on human respiratory disorders. As an expectorant, the dried variant works. There are also relaxing effects of dried apricots Hunza dried apricots (khubani) with these qualities are a healthy way to reduce the tension and pressure from the respiratory tract. Also, it prevents asthma attacks.

6. Hunza Dry Apricots Increase Hemoglobin production:

In dried apricots (khubani), copper and iron produce hemoglobin which may help in its own further generation. Adding the fruit to an anemic patient’s diet can help improve their condition. Even, it’s best to first see a physician get appropriate counseling.

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7. Hunza Dry Apricots are Good For Eye vision:

Dried Apricots (Khubani) are full of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is great for eye vision. It is a potent antioxidant, which helps your body to remove free radicals. In addition, it also helps to maintain healthy tissue and cell quality.

The dried fruit is considered good for healthy eyes because it contains zeaxanthin, an antioxidant essential for light-filtering functions.

8. Dried Apricots (Hunza Khubani) Regulate heartbeat:

Another advantage of Hunza dried apricots (khubani) potassium is its ability to control proper fluid balance apricots helps to regulate heartbeat and maintain proper muscle functions.

9. Benefits during pregnancy:

Dried apricots are very beneficial for pregnant women. Infertility, hemorrhage, and Migraines are potential issues during pregnancy. These can be treated with the consumption of dried apricots (khubani), which can also be used to treat vaginal infection.

Dry apricots (khubani) are used during pregnancy to treat herbal medicine. They may be used in moderation by women who are lactating or pregnant. They may even be used as snacks.

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10. Dry Khubani helps in Digestive tract clearing:

The dried apricots (khubani) act as a mild laxative on your digestive tract. It will help to flush out undesirable waste, as a diuretic. Another advantage of dried apricots as a diuretic that they react to digestive juices. The reaction produces an alkaline atmosphere where the digestive tract is washed out.

11. Dried Apricots are Beneficial for Skin Health:

Dried Khubani is very beneficial for skin health. Apricot (Khubani) juice may help to treat itching caused by scabies, eczema, and sunburn.

12. Hunza Apricots are Reduction of fever:

Dried Apricots are very helpful for many diseases like a fever. It controls the temperature of the human body. If you consume it with Pure Honey and water, it can help to reduce high fever. Dried apricot also gives thirst-relief. Apricot juice is the greatest value to human health. There is a secret of a healthy life.

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13. Hunza Apricots helps to Improve Digestion:

Eating khubani (dried apricots) before a meal may help stimulate digestion.

In most cases of indigestion dried apricots (khubani) may be taken before a meal. If the symptoms persist, however, you should visit a doctor for an extensive examination.

14. Dry Apricots are Beneficial for Constipation treatment:

Dried apricots (khubani) also have pectin and cellulose in them. Pectin also helps maintain levels of water in the human body during constipation, while cellulose acts as insoluble fibre.

15. Dried Apricot helps to Fight anemia:

Dried apricots (khubani) are a very good iron source, they are very useful in combating anemia. Also, they contain copper that absorbs iron.

Nutrition Facts of Hunza Dried Apricots:

Nutritional information about dried apricots in Hunza is as follows. 100 grams of dried apricots have the following nutrients:

  • Carbohydrates 11gram
  • Dietary Fiber 2gram
  • Iron 0.39milligram
  • Magnesium 10 milligram
  • Calcium 13 milligram
  • Folate 9gram
  • Manganese 0.077 milligram
  • Niacin 0.600 milligram
  • Pyridoxine 0.054 milligram
  • Potassium 259 milligram
  • Phosphorus 23 milligram
  • Sodium 1 milligram
  • Thiamin 0.030 milligram
  • Vitamin A 1926IU
  • Vitamin C 10 milligram
  • Vitamin K 3.3gram
  • Zinc 0.2 milligram

In short, dried apricots (khubani) constitute a dried form of fresh apricots. The dried apricots are still as healthy as fresh apricots, regardless of the drying procedure used. They ‘re known to improve the health and skin status of one. To sum up, dried apricots (khubani) have health benefits as follows:

Dried Apricot (khubani) helps in blood clotting, muscle building, high blood pressure regulation, skin glow enhancement, asthma relief, hemoglobin development, good vision regulation, pulse control, pregnancy relief, digestive tract washing, skin benefits, fever reduction, digestion improvement, constipation treatment, anemia control, and fluid levels management.

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Where to Buy Online Hunza Dry Apricot…?

Almost all Fresh and Dry Fruits come from Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. You Can buy these sweet and delicious Dry fruits from

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Word of Caution: Eating a lot of Dried Apricots can cause diarrhea. Additionally, there are those who are allergic to Hunza Khubani or specific chemical components within them, and the consequent allergic reactions may be moderate to severe. As always, before making a significant change in your daily diet, talk with your physician.

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