History & Information About Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley, Known as Heaven on the Earth. Hunza is a beautiful mountainous valley located in the Gilgit-Baltistan area of Pakistan. Hunza Valley Situated in the north/west of the Hunza River, it is surrounded by several high peaks, including Rakaposhi, Hunza Peak, Bojahagurv Duanasir, Darmyani Peak, Ghenta Sar, Ultar Sar, and Ladyfinger Peak.

The valley has distinct unique natural sights attractions for locals and tourists. Among these attractions, the Altit and Baltit forts are also well-known. The Baltit Fort, after renovation, has been turned into a heritage museum. In Hunza, the Bazar of Karimabad is famed for its local handicrafts handmade productsHunza Dry fruits handmade carpets, traditional embroidered caps, shawls, handwoven cloth (paffu), and its gemstones (Precious and Semi-Precious) that are famous all around the world, especially Ruby.

Mountainous valley Located to the north of Hunza river in Gilgit Baltistan Is Popularly Called Hunza valley that the world’s Famous valley is a Paradise for tourists. The Capital of Hunza is karimabad( Baltit ), Prince Karim Agha khan is the Religious head of the Shia, Ismaili & nizari community, and karimabad is named after him, It’sIt’s surrounded by three Lovely peaks Rakaposhi, Diran, and Ultar. Hunza valley is surrounded by some of the high peaks, namely Hunza peak, Darmyani Peak, Rakaposhi, ghentasar, ultarsar, ladyfinger peak, and BojahagurDuanasir.

Hunza valley resembles a paradise on the earth in the northern areas of Pakistan. This region boasts a number of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Many of the splendid mountains on the planet are situated in Hunza and Gilgit Baltistan. The foreign tourists and local tourists are exotic and varied.

Geographic Representation of Hunza Valley

In this paragraph, I’m trying to share Hunza’s Geographic Representation. Hunza valley has three subdivisions: Lower, Upper Hunza, and Gojal Valley. This location is available by the c. Hunza valley has different natural and beautiful shores that attract foreign and local tourists. Every Year thousands of local tourists visit and Revel in the pure elegance of Hunza valley and its surrounding areas.

Hunza valley is an attractive valley in the north of Pakistan. Hunza valley is separated into three geographic subdivisions:

 1) Gojal valley

Upper Hunza Valley is known as the Gojal tehsil of Hunza-Nagar district.

    2) Lower Hunza

Lower Hunza is known as Aliabad tehsil of Hunza-Nagar district.

      3) Central Hunza

Middle Hunza Valley is also known as Aliabad tehsil of Hunza-Nagar district.

Khunjerab pass - Hunza Gilgit Baltistan

khunjerab pass is located at the northern border of Pakistan, and this border is connected with the southwest of China. Khunjurab is the highest peak of the Karakorum. The total length of the Karakorum highway is 4693 m. During the winters season; the khunjerab pass is closed due to a snowfall storm. It is considered to be the highest medaled border crossing across the world.

Sost Valley Hunza Gilgit

Sust is a small village in Hunza. This Beautifull valley is located at the border of Pakistan and China. This is also a trading spot of Pakistan and China. For Tourism, May and June is the perfect time for tourist. The people of sost promote their culture. They also promote the culture of western. Sost is one of the safest destinations to travel there.


Tourists visit Hunza Valley to take sight of the two most famous forts known as Baltit and Altit fort. The Altit Fort is the oldest in Gilgit Baltistan (Northern Areas), and it is located in the Altit Village Hunza. It is built with a unique architectural design on a rock of mountains where the Hunza River flows at its back. Baltit Fort is another beautiful fort in the Hunza valley of Gilgit, built at the top of Karimabad. Baltit Fort has now been turned into a heritage museum after its renovation.

Famous Forts in Hunza Valley Gilgit Baltistan

The beauty of hunza attract the tourist of all over the world. baltit and altit fort is one of the antique fort of  pakistan, they are located in hunza velley.

The Altit Fort is the oldest fort in northern regions that’s situated in the Altit village. It’s constructed with great architectural layout on a rock of a mountain where the Hunza River flows at tis back.

Baltit Fort is another Gorgeous fort in the Hunza valley that’s constructed at the top of all Karimabad. It’s won a Lot of awards such as Asia-Pacific Heritage for Cultural Conservation- Award of Excellence (UNESCO), Tourism of Tomorrow Award.

Altit Fort of Hunza Valley

Hunza valley is famous for two antique forts. Altit and Baltit Fort. Altit fort is located at the Altit village of Hunza, and Altit village is about 3km from Karimabad Hunza. The Altit Fort is nearly 800 years old.The fort was reseidence of Mir,s. Now Altit fort is under construction/renovation.
At the entry point of Altit village, there are many beautiful gardens of white Apricots and many other fruits that make it more attractive and known for its taste.

Baltit fort of Hunza Valley

Baltit fort is Another most famous and ancient fort of Hunza Gilgit. B. Fort is located in the middle of the highest mountains of karimabad Hunza valley. Seven or eight years ago, this fort was constructed. Many untold stories are connected with this fort. The fort is now a cultural Centre and used for a museum. This fort is based on a three-story building, and it has a total of 53 rooms; on the ground floor, there are guest rooms, storerooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc. Baltit fort has three floors. The First one is for the basement, which is known as jail of that time. The second one is for visitors. And the third one is for Mir,s house. From the roof of the 2nd floor, you can view the beautiful peak of Rakaposhi and the beauty of Karimabad village.

Shimshal - Hunza Valley

Shimshal is also a village of Hunza. Shimshal is 3100 m above the sea level. The total area length of shimshal is 3800 km. The language of the shimshal is wakhi language. The people of shimshal belong to ismaili community. They are the followers of price Kreem Agah khan. Agah khan is a 49th leader (Imam) of ismaili community. Many of mountain equipment  are made by the people of shimshal. Because the shimshal is covered by many hiking range mountain.  

Tourism in Shimshal Valley

Shimshal is the largest adventure area in the Hunza Valley. Many beautiful tourist points are present in this village.

Mountains like Shimshal White Horn (6,303m) Minglik sar (6,150m) Destaghil Sar (7,885m) and Yazghail Sar (6000m) are catching the eyeballs of local and foreign tourist for so many long times. Shimshal village is also known as “Village of Mountaineers”. There are more than twenty (20) Mountaineers from this village have made Pakistan proud in the field of tourism.

Shimshali peoples use various grass lands situated at several days walk for their cattles, goats and sheeps. The Shimshalis speak “Wakhi” language and they are also known as “Wakhis”. Shimshalis belong to the Ismaili Community and they follow the Sir Agha Khan as their 49th Spiritual leader.

Attabad Lake Hunza Gilgit

Attabad lake is new lake which is happened in land sliding in January 2010.This new lake is also known as gojal lake.A massive landsliding in attabad village of hunza take many of life.

Attabad lake reached 21 kilometer long and over 100 meters in depth by the first week of June 2010.

Hunza River

In between 1971 and 1980 the government of pakistan constructed the karakurum haighwa.Hunza River is the principal river of Hunza (Gilgit Baltistan). It is formed by the confluence of the Khunjerab and CahpursanNalas which are full of glaciers. These rivers are joined by the Gilgit River and the Nalter River, before it flows into the Indus River.

The Karakorum Highway runs along with the Hunza River valley, switching to the Khunjerab River at the point of confluence, it reaching the Khujerab Pass at the border with China. The rover cuts through the Karakoram range, flowing from the North to South. The river of dammed for part of Hunza Route. Attabad lake is new lake which is happened in land sliding in January 2010. Attabad Lake extends 30 Kilometer and rose to a depth of 400feet. Hunza river is also being changed by climate change.

Hopar Glacier of Hunza Valley

Hooper valley sturated at the peak of the mountains, hopper velley glacier is the fastest melting glacier in pakistan. hopper glacier is connected with barpu glacier .hopper glacier is the base camp of the trek. hopper glacier is covered by beauty of natural.

Hunza Rakhaposhi Mountain

Rakaposhi is Famous  Mountain in the Pakistan. The meaning of rakaposhi in local language is snow covered (Dumani) mountain. this mountain also known as mother of clouds. rakaposhi moutain is located at hunza nagar region. the total length of the mountain is 7788m. In this zero point you get a magnificent look of the Rakhaposhi peak with glacier fed streams running down. there are many of highest mountain in Pakistan and Rakaposhi is one of the highest mountain in Pakistan at the number of 12.

Beauty of Hunza Nagar Valley

Nagar Valley is another most beautiful and tourism place which is situated in the northern most part of Gilgit-Baltistan. ones upon a time the nagar valley is known as princely state. Nagar valley is also home of mountain peaks like, Rakaposhi(7788m), Deran peak(7265m), Rush peak and Golden peak. Nagar valley contain 24 villages in a district named Chalt, Chaprot, Bar, Bidlas, sikandarabad, Jafarabad, Thol, Nilt,Yalt, Masot, Gulmat, Minapin, Tashot, Pissan, Dadimal, Miachar, Shayar, phikar,Hakuchar, Askurdas, Hoper and Hisper, Sumayar, Nagar Khas.Minapin is one of the most attractive tourist place in this 24 villages. The people of Nagar valley are too hospitable.They are kind hearted people. The whole district is located at the mountains. Rakaposhi is 27th highest mountain in pakistan which is located in Nagar valley. Rakaposhi has a amazing view points. There are many of beautiful lakes in Nagar valley Rush lake etc. Rush lake is one of the highest lake of pakistan at the range of 4694m. In winter season December and January the rush lake water is convert in to ice, and this seen provide a amazing view of Rusk lake. This lake also give you amazing view points of snow covered high mountains. The meadows and Glaciers around the lake give you a amazing  moments. The meadows are full of beautifull flowers. A huge hopper glacier is also in Nagar valley. Hopper glacier is on of the fast melting glacier in world. It moves 4 to 5 inches in a day.The total length of this huge glacier is 28 km long. During summers the great valley Nagar is more pleasureable.The greenry at the mountains and the meadows give you amazing views to capture.Cheery and Appricot is most famous fruit of Nagar. In summer the maximum teperature is 13 digree and in winter season the temperature is -14 digree. The total population of Nagar Valley is Approximately 90,000. There are two main ethnicities in nagar the “Shina” speakers and “Burushsaki” speakers. An older people also speak Pure Burushsaki.  Bedishki is the third language which is commonly speak in Chalt Nagar.

Peoples of Hunza​ Valley

People of Hunza are also known for their hospitality and friendliness.

Hunza valley is one of most beautifull velley in world. The people of hunza velley spoken many of languages such as Burushaski, Shina, etc. literally the people of hunza velley are more educated people in pakistan. Their education literacy rate is higher then any city of pakistan.

People and Languages of Hunza Valley

Most of the peoples of Hunza are Ismaili Shia Muslims. They are the followers of Mentor Prince Karim Aga Khan, while in the area of Ganish over 90% are Shia Muslims.

The Hunza region is principally home to people of three different diversity:

 The Lower Hunza which extends from Khizerabad to Nasirabad mainly belongs to the Shinaki people whose local language is Shina.

The Central Hunza which starts from Murtazaabad to Attabad mainly belongs to the Burushaski speakers.

 The Upper Hunza which is commonly known as Gojal starts from Shiskat to Khunjerab and belongs to Wakhi speakers.

Just like Hunza valley is known for its scenic and natural beauty, the people of Hunza are warm hearted and also known for their Generosity. Despite of the fact that Burushaski is the most widely acceptable language among all but the majority of the people also speak and understand Urdu and English.

Many Cultural activities are linked with this valley and the people of Hunza are fond of celebrating such events. Among all age groups traditional dance is very common and popular and there is a special traditional band for this dance which makes it to be more fun and entertainment. 

Literacy Rate of Hunza Valley Gilgit Baltistan

According to a survey, the literacy rate of the Hunza valley is believed to be above 85%. The people of Hunza proves that they are most educated people of Pakistan. That’s why their literacy rate is up to 85%. They promote education from lower level to higher level. Of these, many go to distinguishes colleges and universities of Pakistan and abroad to get higher education.

Lifestyle of Hunza People

The people of Hunza are very healthy and have the longest lifespan in the world. They remain powerful and strong even in older age. This is due to the pure water they drink and their normal diet. The people walk a lot on the rocky terrain regular which serves as physical exercise for them. Among other organically grown foods, the most frequent fruit in Hunza is apricot which is considered to be their Gold. The folks there eat fresh apricots from the summer, dry them and puree the dried apricots of which jam and ice cream is later made. These individuals also get nutrient richness of different fruits too that are grown there such as pears, apples, red and black cherries, peaches etc. The No of orchards and trees under cultivation are utilized to gauge the financial stability of the regional people in Hunza.

Desi hunza bread (chappati) is full nutrients. It is perfect diet for every one. The Glacial Milk also helps to keep these individuals healthy.

Traditional Festivals of Hunza Valley

The Hunza Valley is home to various festivals related to culture, religion, and normal life events. These festivals fall into two main categories namely cultural festivals and religious festivals (daily life or agricultural). The religious festivals include:

·     Eid-Ul-Azha

·     Eid-Ul-Fitr

·     Eid-Ul-Meladul Nabi

·     Nowroz festival

·     Shab-e Barat,

·     Shab-e-Miraj,

·     Eid Ghadeer,

·     Birthday of Agha khan

The traditional Ginani festival is celebrated by the local community with many gatherings organized in Baltit, Altit and Aliabad. This festival is celebrated to welcome the new harvesting season with passion and happiness. The celebrations are made with dance, music and a traditional dishes are made to mark the festival known as DirumPitti.   

Another famous festival is the Spring Blossom Festival which gives the people an opportunity to sit together and enjoy their lives.  sports programs, Exhibitions and cultural shows attract the audience in this festival to celebrate the cultural heritage of the Hunza region.

Apart from these other festivals include ShimshalKuch and Baba Ghundi festivals.

Dresses of Hunza People

The weather from April to September is quite pleasant in Hunza which requires the people to wear light woolen clothes. but the season of winter in hunza is too tough for the people of hunza.  The women particularly wear colorful, knee-length shirts with shalwars and cover their heads with traditional embroidered caps. For mens, the common dress is Shalwar Qamiz and caps made out of hand-woven woolen material.

Cuisine of Hunza

The local specialty dish of Hunza is ‘fittis’ which is very delicious, spicy and worth tasting. These are basically cakes made of wheat flour, butter, milk and salt, baked on a hot stone. Apricots, dry apricots, dry figs apples, plums, peaches, cherries and grapes are various fresh fruits grown in this region. As stated before, the Hunza bread is again a nutritious diet of grains. When talking about foreign tourists, Grape extract known as ‘Hunza Water’ is very popular among them.

Fruit Orchids of Hunza Valley

Hunza land is an agricultural land and also Hunza is an agricultural city. Miles of fruit orchards and greenery can be seen as the tourist approaches karimabad.

in summer times hunza valley is blessed with many types of fruits like, Appricots, almonds, cheery, apple, etc. Hunza Dry fruits are very famous in worldwide. Hunza is also Known for its fruits and vegetables. Hunza’s most popular fruit is Apricot’s, Black Cherries, Apples.  [Buy Hunza dry Fruits]

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Travelling to Hunza Valley

Hunza valley is located at Karakorum highway. Hunza valley is 110 km faraway from gilgit city it might takes maximum 3 hours from Gilgit city to hunza valley. Hunza valley is one the beautiful tourist destination in the world . summer is best time to travel to hunza. From Gilgit to Hunza city it may takes 3 to 4 hours to reach Hunza.

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             Beautiful Places are God Gifted and Pakistan has been blessed with Many Beautiful places and Hunza Valley is one of them. There are many natural and beautiful locations. It is Very Famous because of their beauty. Truth be told, you will find paradise in the beautiful valleys of Gilgit Baltistan. Hunza’s beautiful gardens and cool water lakes provide not only beauty but also peace of mind. If you people want spiritual peace, visit Hunza Valley Gilgit and enjoy the natural scenery here.